• P – Photographer
  • D – Director
  • DP – Director of Photography
  • S – Stylist

Chris Sisarich

Chris Sisarich was hungry. He was shooting in Egypt and observing Ramadan out of respect for the locals but desperate for a burger and fries. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind (food would have to wait) and climbed onto the roof of the 4×4. He framed up the spectacular chalky structures of the White Desert, a remote location deep in the heart of the country and that’s when he heard someone scream. Khamaseen!

Chris turned to see an apocalyptic cloud on the horizon. A towering wall of cloud that was as high as it was wide. This was Khamaseen. The hot, dry North African wind that blows North and brings deadly sandstorms with it; like the one that was about to engulf Chris and his crew.

The photograph captured that day was worth the hunger. It would win Chris awards around the world and is a testament to his dedication to the craft.