• P – Photographer
  • D – Director
  • DP – Director of Photography
  • S – Stylist

Devan Narsai

Creativity has always been the centre of Devan’s surroundings. His intimate and refreshingly unique style displayed across commercial and music spaces has helped him develop a distinct visual aesthetic, which provides an innovative look when brought across into any genre of work. His documentary approach and ‘on the go’ thinking enables him to immerse himself with his subjects and capture them in their most authentic form. Constantly searching for those smaller often overlooked moments. “Video is a privilege. To be given the opportunity to tell someones story is a responsibility that brings me great joy and something which I take with immense care. I love being able to collaborate with people from all walks of life and to be able shoot in vastly different locations. With each new project is an opportunity to push the creative boundaries of what’s been done before.”